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Plan your next Dream Trip with Access Italy – The Best Travel Guide!

On meeting Angelo Amorico, you won’t feel like you are meeting him for the first time. He is the founder of the Access Italy, which is travel agency that plans everything that falls between the source and destination, and also vice versa. This is the same team who guided Oprah and Obama through the Italy trip.

I met him last week and got to know how he is working and their working strategies.

Plan your next Dream Trip

Plan your next Dream Trip with Access Italy

First of all, Angelo says you need to be a charming host in the first place. “Whenever a new visitor arrives, I embrace them with a kiss and a slight tap on the head.”

The tap will be so familiar that you will actually forget that you are not related to Angelo before.

Angelo is a Foggia-born person, raised in Rome. Being 65 years old, who has actually been connected with each and every kind of visitor and native of Italy – he is pretty good at the interaction and connecting with the people. With the experience of about 20+ years, Angelo could guide your tour and make it a memorable one for you.

It’s because of Angelo’s good nature and the continuous support of his sons, Simone and Marco that he could successfully get through the functioning. Of course, a lot of hard work and research has been put in the making. Everything combined with the unique charm of Angelo has led the company to get the title of unofficial tour guides of all the rich and famous in Italy.

The things that they take care about during the journey include; the hotels where you are going to stay, the food that you are going to eat, some interesting and funs excursions that you will take in between the journey.

And the amazing memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

They are really good at what they do, and this was proven when Oprah named Access Italy as her favorite tour guide so far. Well, I don’t want to over-exaggerate this thing, but even the ex-President Mr. Barack Obama opted the same tour guide for personalizing his Italy Trip in 2017.


What Can You Do With A Router Table – Necessary Things

Router Table is one of the advanced machine which can help you out with performing a lot of operations. One of the positive fact about it, is that it can be used easily by a pro as well as an amateur person. So what are the things or tasks that you can perform with the help of a router table? Find them out below.

What Can You Do With A Router Table – Necessary Things

Router table is a machine which has got a vertical spindle on it, and it is mainly used with cutting and trimming wooden pieces. Some of the basic tasks which you can perform using a router table are listed below. Let’s begin!

Make Rounded Edges

I mostly recommend this job for all the beginners out there. You can try out the rounded edges for almost all the wood projects, be it table, small bench, or even on stands. It is also known that rounded edges are more pleasing to the eyes compared to the squared ones. If you have small kid at your home, then rounded edges will always be a big benefit for you.

To try out this, first lock the router bit to the collet portion of the router. Now after that you will have to set the depth of the router bit. You are set! Run the router, and get the perfect rounded edge!

Build Boxes

Build Boxes or a Standard Drawer

If you were planning to make boxes during the old times, then it would have been difficult to build the current style boxes. Now, you are made available with so many wood tools, that you can easily follow the working and get the desired box or a drawer designed for your home.

When you are making drawers, you have to keep the same size for the drawers as well as the openings. There may be some pieces which are huge to handle, but you can make use of belt sander, and hand-plane in that case to get the required wood portion for the job.

Try out a freehand routing with a starting pivot

When you are dealing with small wooden pieces, then they will be hard to handle on those compact hand-held routers. You will require a bit with the bearing guide, so that you can go against the guiding path on it. You can also performing shaping and other trimming job with this same setup.

With keeping a starting pivot for the routing job, you can have more control over the routing process. After you are done with the routing, it is must to sand the surface which will give you the perfect result. It is better to hire a pro user for better understanding on the working.

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Shaping the wood along with Trimming

When you get into the working of the router, you will realise that you will need bits for the trimming and edge routing. There are bits which are specifically used for the edge routing purpose. There are many such similar bits available, but the most common ones are the edge bit and groove bit.

For the processing, first you have to insert the bit and then tighten the collet nut. After this, you have to set the bit depth. Then, set the cutting depth just before starting with the routing.

Get started with the Dadoes

Get started with the Dadoes

If you are looking out ways to support the shelf, then the dadoes will come to your help! Dado is a flat bottom piece of wood in which the wood is cut through the grain portion.

If you want to get a particular dado on the wood, then you need to buy the matching bit for the dado. It is recommended to set the bit-speed to a lower value initially, and then you can increase it later as you get more experienced with the work.

Rabbet Cuttings

Rabbet cuttings are nothing less than the usual groove cuts which are made near the edge portion of a wood piece. This cut will be more clear to you when you take a cross-section of it, and analyse it carefully. The french word ‘rabbat’ means a recess to the wall, and the meaning has been rightly derived from it.

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There are Tips and Tricks of Router Table, which you must know if you are dealing with one. Check on the link provided to understand it more in detail.

You can also follow Beingwoodworkers and stay updated with all the routing advancements.

Kitty Care

How to Make Cat Litter at Zero Cost at home?

If you own a cat, then buying a litter box for your cat is a smart and an excellent move. The litter box is a collection box that allows you to collect the urine and feces of the cat. You can also make a litter box at your home by reading this article on How to Make Cat Litter at Zero Cost at Home.

With the help of the litter box, it becomes easy for you as you don’t have to take care of the cleaning. The litter box can automatically clean and store the urine and feces inside the box. You can buy a self-cleaning litter box that will help in reducing your workload of cleaning.

Method to make a litter box at home

The cat litter box is one of those biggest expenses that you make for your cat. Fortunately, you can save a lot on this by building the litter box at your home, This method will cost you very less than buying the new litter box for your cat.

Method to make a litter box at home

There are many automatic litter boxes available on the market that offers various features. These litter boxes are quite expensive for you that makes you rethink about buying them. You can also make such litter box at your home at a very low cost compared to the new one.

If you are looking to make a litter box at your home, then you can use different methods for it. Below is the simple method that allows you to make a litter box at almost zero cost. With this method, you will be able to make the litter box in around half an hour.

shred newspaper in the shredder

  • Firstly, you have to shred newspaper in the shredder. You can collect this shredded paper in the unused box.

paper in warm water and mix

  • Now soak these shredded paper in warm water and mix biodegradable dish soap into it. In this step, the paper won’t turn completely clean, but the water will become gray.

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water drain and repeat

  • Let the water drain and repeat the above step without adding soap into it.

baking soda on this shredded paper

  • Add baking soda on this shredded paper. Make sure that you don’t add too much of baking soda into the mixture of this paper.

squeeze the remaining water

  • Now squeeze the remaining water from the paper and let it dry. Drain the water from the paper until you can get the paper.

Fall apart the paper

  • Pull apart the paper with your hands and let it dry. It will take around 2 days to completely dry the paper. You can wear gloves on your hands to avoid the ink on your hands.

litter box is ready

  • After the mixture gets completely dry you can add it in a box. Now the litter box is ready for your cat.

By following the above steps, you can easily make a litter box at your home. This litter box will not cost you more, in fact, you can make this box at a zero cost. Such types of litter boxes are very convenient and helpful for your pet. Now you can train your cat to use this litter box in different needs.

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The benefit of this litter box you have made at home is that you can save money on this thing. Also, you will get an eco-friendly litter box for your cat as it doesn’t use any harmful material. Most of the cats can easily accept this litter box without any problem.

With this way, You can make a Litter Box at Home without any Cost and that too in a very less time. After you have started using the litter box, make sure that you change the litter on the regular basis. You can change the litter after a week or two. Take a tour of our page!


How to use Vidmate App to download Videos easily.

Here is a working guide which will help you learn how to use a Vidmate app. This app is extremely simple to use which requires no such tutorials or guides but still here is a working tutorial to help you in some way. The user interface of the app is simple and sober and there is nothing you need to worry about.

This app is available for free which allows users to download videos and music files for free from multiple sources. It is one stop solution to everything you need to learn about a Vidmate app.vidmate for android

How to Use Vidmate app

The app’s interface is simple and straight and there is nothing like a tutorial or user guide you need to go through in order to learn how to use a Vidmate app. You can consider Mobdro as the best alternative to vidmate available. Still, here is a step by step introduction of the user interface which will walk you through inside the app and then you can get helped in order to learn how to use a Vidmate app.

Step 1 –

The first screen itself has some featured content available from multiple sources. There is a Search tool which can be triggered by tapping once.

Step 2 –

You can use the Search tool to find a particular song or video song or file and once the file is found, you can tap on the same to begin streaming the same.

Step 3 –

The same video or music file can also be found from the home screen, using the featured content and different categories. But, the Search tool is much simpler than the second one.

Step 4 –

Now you can simply tap on the Download button and you will have an option to select the quality of the video or music file. In case of a Video file, you can even download the Music part only.

Step 5 –

Once the quality is being selected, the file will begin downloading on its own and there will be nothing else you need to do in order to get over with the procedure.

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This was how you can learn Vidmate app and how to use it in order to get over with the procedure one by one. Make sure you go ahead and share these details one by one with many others as it will all help everyone in order to learn everything about this wonderful app.

Wrap up

This is all about a Vidmate app and I hope you found this guide helpful in order to learn everything that’s being available inside. In case you need help on any related subject related to this app, feel free to share the details in the discussion section below and I will try my best to come up with a working solution.

Now is the time for you to go ahead and share this guide with all your friends online and let them know what this app all about and how to use a Vidmate app for free. This sharing will definitely help them. So, go ahead and do it. Peace!

Wine Coolers

Best Wine Cooler Buying Guide – Top Picks of 2017

Some of the major considerations includes what storage capacity do you need, where are you planning to place it, are you going to need different temperatures to store different kinds of wine, and so on.

Also, there are hundreds of brands selling wine coolers, so however do you choose the right one?

Best Wine Cooler Buying Guide - Top Picks

Best Wine Cooler Buying Guide – Top Picks

Truly, storing your wine correctly is essential to preserving its taste. Choosing the best wine bottle cooler is similar to choosing new furniture, you want it to fit well in your home, and you don’t want to end up with something you regret.

Here are some wine cooler reviews to help you make the right decision.

The Avanti wine cooler is certainly a popular brand. It’s well-known for its glass doors that enable your wine collection to be displayed perfectly, as well as its excellent temperature regulation.

Most people are happy with how quiet the Avanti wine cooler is, and they enjoy its charming design. This brand is also known for its reliability, and offers good value for its price.

Another well-known brand is the Vinotemp wine cooler. This brand offers a wide range of storage capacities as well as interesting designs for the wine enthusiast to choose from. They also have reasonable prices for their selection of bottle wine coolers.

Haier wine coolers also come highly recommended. Many people remark on how quiet their wine bottle cooler units are, and how attractive they look. It’s also great at keeping the temperature consistent, which makes it extremely effective for storing your wines.

Certainly, it is not difficult to find the best bottle wine cooler that will complement your home as well as preserve the taste of your wine. Check out these brands and you’ll see how they’ve made wine storage so easy.

Why the 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is the Perfect Size for Your Home

Why the 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is the Perfect Size for Your Home

Any wine lover or enthusiast knows the importance of storing wines properly to maintain its perfect taste. Though you can certainly choose to simply store your wine in a cabinet or a wine rack, this is not the optimal place for keeping your wines.

To ensure that the taste of your wine remains at its best, it is a good choice to invest in a bottle wine cooler.

Having a wine cooler in your home will ensure that your wines are kept at the optimum temperature they need to be. If you’re planning to store the wine for a lengthy period, then make sure that your wine bottle cooler remains at a constant temperature and is placed in an area that has minimal vibration.

A 12 bottle wine cooler is most suitable for your home, as it isn’t too big or too small – it is simply the right size. Typically, these wine coolers come in a compact size, are pleasing in appearance and are very practical for use.

Make sure to do your research and choose a cooler that’s known to be durable as well as quiet, especially if you’re planning to place it in a well-occupied room, as you wouldn’t want the noise to disturb anyone.

Most wine coolers utilize a thermoelectric technology, which do not use compressors, so they typically don’t vibrate and tend to be quieter. You can then set the temperature at the best level for storing your wine bottles.

Some wine bottle coolers even offer twin cooling systems, which enable wines to be stored in different temperatures.

If you’re planning to store a huge collection of wines, then you may be better off having a wine cellar in your home. But if you simply want the best place to store a few wines temporarily, then a 12 bottle wine cooler would certainly fit your needs.

How to Choose a Bottle Wine Cooler for Your Needs

How to Choose a Bottle Wine Cooler for Your Needs

Wine is one of the most delicious drinks. Though most wines are made from grapes, each wine has its own distinctive taste depending on the variety of grape it came from, the climate where it was grown and how the vine was cultivated.

A bottle wine cooler is essential in the home of any wine connoisseur or enthusiast. Wine needs to be stored in an optimal temperature so that it is always ready and delightful to drink.

In choosing a good wine cooler for your needs, you need to consider several factors. The capacity of the cooler, for example, is very important. Do you collect a lot of wines, or do you only need a minimum of space?

If you tend to collect several bottles at once for storing, then an 8, 12 or 16 bottle wine cooler would be best. But if you tend to drink the wine soon after you buy it and only need a few spaces at a time, then it may be better to go for a 6, 4 or even a single bottle wine cooler.

Another consideration is temperature control. For the true connoisseur, it may be wise to invest in a wine bottle cooler with a twin cooling system, which enables you to set different temperatures for various types of wine in the same cooler.

But if you’re not too picky, then you would be better off choosing a wine cooler that already has pre-set temperature regulators.

Noise is another factor in choosing your bottle wine cooler. If you plan to place the cooler in your kitchen or basement, then you probably don’t really need to consider the noise, but if you’re planning to put the cooler in your room, for example, then it may be best to invest in a quieter wine cooler.

Considering these factors will certainly help you find the best wine bottle cooler to suit your needs.

Water System

Best Salt Water Softener Reviews – Top Pick

Salt based water softener is considered as one of the best water softening method. Though it is bit expensive than some of the other methods like salt free and reverse Osmosis in some cases but still salt based method is considered as true method to achieve soft water.

As we have discussed previously that what exactly is water softener and why soft water has so many advantages. Using Soft water in your home can improve the efficiency of your heating system as it will reduce the scale accumulation on the piping of your water system which eventually results in saving gas bill.

best salt water softener

Best Salt Water Softener Reviews

Moreover, if you are using hard water than it would result in excessive use of soap and detergents and don’t forget it could be bit disturbing for your hairs and body once you would be taking bath as scales can accumulate in your hairs which could eventually damage them. Do check out most of the Water Softener Reviews for better understandings.

So you need water softener, that’s for sure to minimize all these problems. So today we will recommend one of the well reputed Salt based water softener that you can use at home. We will try to give as honest reviews as possible he reviews by others.

First and most important thing before you select a Salt based water softener is to choose which capacity of water softeners that actually fits your requirements. Lets say if you have 5 people in your home then you can calculate the average water consumption as follows:

People = 5
Required Gallons per person = 80
Per day use = 5 x 80 = 400
Grains of hardness = 10
Total grains required per day = 4000
* Grain of Hardness per gallon in water is 10 for United States

So on average your home will require a water softener which should be able to meet 4000 grain requirement per day. So now let see what should be the corresponding Water Softener grain capacity that should be equivalent to 4000 grains per day.

Grain requirement per day
Required water softener of
0-3500 24,000 Grain capacity
3501-4500 32,000 Grain capacity
4501-5500 40,000 Grain capacity
5501-6500 48,000 Grain Capacity and so on

So now you have the idea that which capacity water softener should be able to meet your home requirements.

top pick salt water softener

Out Top Pick for Salt Based Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener with digital sxt metered is one of the best and well rated system available in market. Some of the salient features of this water Softener are as follows:

  1. Fleck 5600SXT is well reputed water softening system which is quite cheap as compared to other type of similar system available in market. Currently, you can get Fleck 5600SXT in 575$ from amazon which is not bad price for this water softener.
  2. Fleck 5600SXT has 48,000 grain capacity. If you compare the price with the capacity of the system then we would rate it high. Moreover, you will get 12 Gallons of treated water per minute which is quite enough for you if you are having family of 5 or more persons.
  3. It can treat water from very hard to moderate water and works very efficiently.
  4. If you purchase products on customer feedback than you are in a very good habit. As customer can better define the efficiency of any product. Good news for you that it has 5 star rating from the customer on Amazon.
  5. It also gives warranty of 10 years on Tank and 5 years warranty on control head.

You can buy Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener digitial sxt metered whole house system from amazon

Price Comparison of Fleck water softener products

Type of Water Softner
Fleck 5600SXT
5600SXT Iron Pro 2
Fleck 6700
5600SXT + Filter
Fleck 5600SXT 5600SXT Iron Pro 2 Fleck 6700 5600SXT Filter
Grain capacity 48,000 48,000 48,000 32,000
Rating 5.0 4.7 5.0 5.0
Approx Price $562.98 $722.50 $825.46 $745
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now