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Plan your next Dream Trip with Access Italy – The Best Travel Guide!

On meeting Angelo Amorico, you won’t feel like you are meeting him for the first time. He is the founder of the Access Italy, which is travel agency that plans everything that falls between the source and destination, and also vice versa. This is the same team who guided Oprah and Obama through the Italy trip.

I met him last week and got to know how he is working and their working strategies.

Plan your next Dream Trip

Plan your next Dream Trip with Access Italy

First of all, Angelo says you need to be a charming host in the first place. “Whenever a new visitor arrives, I embrace them with a kiss and a slight tap on the head.”

The tap will be so familiar that you will actually forget that you are not related to Angelo before.

Angelo is a Foggia-born person, raised in Rome. Being 65 years old, who has actually been connected with each and every kind of visitor and native of Italy – he is pretty good at the interaction and connecting with the people. With the experience of about 20+ years, Angelo could guide your tour and make it a memorable one for you.

It’s because of Angelo’s good nature and the continuous support of his sons, Simone and Marco that he could successfully get through the functioning. Of course, a lot of hard work and research has been put in the making. Everything combined with the unique charm of Angelo has led the company to get the title of unofficial tour guides of all the rich and famous in Italy.

The things that they take care about during the journey include; the hotels where you are going to stay, the food that you are going to eat, some interesting and funs excursions that you will take in between the journey.

And the amazing memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

They are really good at what they do, and this was proven when Oprah named Access Italy as her favorite tour guide so far. Well, I don’t want to over-exaggerate this thing, but even the ex-President Mr. Barack Obama opted the same tour guide for personalizing his Italy Trip in 2017.


What Can You Do With A Router Table – Necessary Things

Router Table is one of the advanced machine which can help you out with performing a lot of operations. One of the positive fact about it, is that it can be used easily by a pro as well as an amateur person. So what are the things or tasks that you can perform with the help of a router table? Find them out below.

What Can You Do With A Router Table – Necessary Things

Router table is a machine which has got a vertical spindle on it, and it is mainly used with cutting and trimming wooden pieces. Some of the basic tasks which you can perform using a router table are listed below. Let’s begin!

Make Rounded Edges

I mostly recommend this job for all the beginners out there. You can try out the rounded edges for almost all the wood projects, be it table, small bench, or even on stands. It is also known that rounded edges are more pleasing to the eyes compared to the squared ones. If you have small kid at your home, then rounded edges will always be a big benefit for you.

To try out this, first lock the router bit to the collet portion of the router. Now after that you will have to set the depth of the router bit. You are set! Run the router, and get the perfect rounded edge!

Build Boxes

Build Boxes or a Standard Drawer

If you were planning to make boxes during the old times, then it would have been difficult to build the current style boxes. Now, you are made available with so many wood tools, that you can easily follow the working and get the desired box or a drawer designed for your home.

When you are making drawers, you have to keep the same size for the drawers as well as the openings. There may be some pieces which are huge to handle, but you can make use of belt sander, and hand-plane in that case to get the required wood portion for the job.

Try out a freehand routing with a starting pivot

When you are dealing with small wooden pieces, then they will be hard to handle on those compact hand-held routers. You will require a bit with the bearing guide, so that you can go against the guiding path on it. You can also performing shaping and other trimming job with this same setup.

With keeping a starting pivot for the routing job, you can have more control over the routing process. After you are done with the routing, it is must to sand the surface which will give you the perfect result. It is better to hire a pro user for better understanding on the working.

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Shaping the wood along with Trimming

When you get into the working of the router, you will realise that you will need bits for the trimming and edge routing. There are bits which are specifically used for the edge routing purpose. There are many such similar bits available, but the most common ones are the edge bit and groove bit.

For the processing, first you have to insert the bit and then tighten the collet nut. After this, you have to set the bit depth. Then, set the cutting depth just before starting with the routing.

Get started with the Dadoes

Get started with the Dadoes

If you are looking out ways to support the shelf, then the dadoes will come to your help! Dado is a flat bottom piece of wood in which the wood is cut through the grain portion.

If you want to get a particular dado on the wood, then you need to buy the matching bit for the dado. It is recommended to set the bit-speed to a lower value initially, and then you can increase it later as you get more experienced with the work.

Rabbet Cuttings

Rabbet cuttings are nothing less than the usual groove cuts which are made near the edge portion of a wood piece. This cut will be more clear to you when you take a cross-section of it, and analyse it carefully. The french word ‘rabbat’ means a recess to the wall, and the meaning has been rightly derived from it.

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